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News from the Ranch:  PonyPlay & Feish Partners site is online.  However, due to some bugs in the script you may experience some problems.  Please use the new Help Desk here and let us know the problem you are having.

It is our sincerely hope to build some of the finest and unique products for the ponyplay enthusiast -- online, restraints, harness, videos, communtity and, of course, the 'Ulimate Hooves' from Wildfire.

What's New at the Stable !

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JULY 14, 2009  Tomorrow is moving day!  New house, new shop means new hooves!

 FEB 25, 2009  What's New?  that's  a good question.  I'm still making hooves.  I'm still looking for a place to film a feature - human pony movie.  I still don't get to spend as much time being a pony. 


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