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Sensual Makig Claws








           Sensual Magik Claws                                    Full Head 'Leather' Pony Mask

                                                                                    (Currently OUT-OF-STROCK)

Annoucements from the Stable

March, 2014: Last summer we lost the site.  As luck would have it the backups were corrupt.  I am trying to get the site back online but manually rebuilding is a slow process.  Please contact 'ponygrl_Wrangler' on FetLife.

March, 2012: Store is being updated.  New code, new features, new products.

Aptil, 2012:  Version 3.0 Hoof design has increased production times and costs.  Hoof prices will go up as a result.  First increase in prices in over two years..

This new design GREATLY increases the comfort level of for the pony by:

1) lowering the angle of the heel --  less angle means less stress on ankle, knees and thighs.  Also easier walking/balancing.

2) Increased padding under foot allows for long term wearing.  In preliminary test I have 'STOOD' in place for over 2 1/2 hours without ANY foot/ankle discomfort.  Next test:  6 hours straight. 


Wildfire's Schedule

2012: April 26-29: Beyond Leather / PonyPlayChampionships - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2012: July 12-14:  Vendor -- Thunder in the Mountains - Denver, CO http://www.thunderinthemountains.com

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Pony Play Stables Store:

News from the Ranch:  Now building all hooves as 'version 3.0'. 


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