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Wildfire's unique design has caught the eye of many ponies, and even had non ponies wanting a pair.

The genuine horse shoes on the bottom of the durable and water-proof, hand-made fiberglass hooves make a sound that will have all heads turning to see where the horse is and how did a horse get in 'here'??

Available in a variety of style and colors. If you want to take your pony-space to the next level, these are must-have addition to your stable.
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Hoof Boot Payment Plan


Customer can put in the payment amount for a pair of hooves they have ordered.  You can submit as many payments as you need to. will keep track of any payments due before shipping of hooves.

NOTES:  1. A 10 % finance charge will be added if FULL payment is not received within 60 days of initial order.
               2. Hooves WILL NOT ship until paid IN FULL.

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