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Tacking up you pony means different thing to different people. Owners may have a special set of tack they find enjoyable on their pony. Or they may have seveal different pieces for a mix/match combination to suit their moods.
Tack can range from a collar and a set of retraints to a fully tacked out pony consisting of: body harness, bridle, bit, arm binder and hooves. Wildfire's dailytack consists of a double-layer 2 1/2" leather collar (locked), a 2" waist belt (locked) and a cb2000 -- He can't trusted to be left free. This tack is on him 24/7 and other items such as hooves, bridle, bit, and bindings are added to fit the occation.
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Wide Double Layer Leather Collar


Neck Size:


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Weight3.5 lbs
These Double Layered leather collars are an effective reminder that the pony, sub or slave is indeed owned. The 1" locking strap encompassing the collar securely holds 4 'D' rings: Perfect for locking wondering hands out of the way, or attaching cross-ties to keep the wearer exactly where you left them.
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