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Tacking up you pony means different thing to different people. Owners may have a special set of tack they find enjoyable on their pony. Or they may have seveal different pieces for a mix/match combination to suit their moods.
Tack can range from a collar and a set of retraints to a fully tacked out pony consisting of: body harness, bridle, bit, arm binder and hooves. Wildfire's dailytack consists of a double-layer 2 1/2" leather collar (locked), a 2" waist belt (locked) and a cb2000 -- He can't trusted to be left free. This tack is on him 24/7 and other items such as hooves, bridle, bit, and bindings are added to fit the occation.
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Pony Hobbles

Four (4") wide
Over-sized to hobble pony hooves, not just 'human' ankles.
A Single (2") wide strap wraps around the entire ankle. Chain is not just rivited by a small piece of leather and a few rivets.
Six (6) rivets secure the hobble chain firmly behind the extra strong strap.
Large 'D' ring on the outside of the hobble for additional restraint possibilities.
Double-Layered design: The look and security of steel; combined with the comfort and mass appeal of leather.

Cuff Size:

Add Locks:

AvailabilityUsually ships in 24 hours
ShippingCan ship anywhere
Weight4.5 lbs
These heavy duty hobbles are strong enough for a real horse, but designed for the human pony. Wildfire has spent considerable time locked in his, over two days straight. Next time it just may be permanently!

If you're looking for a hobbling solution that not only looks great, but is substantial enough that the pony won't forget they're hobbled, get a set of Wildfire Hobbles. Better yet, buy two and have a set for your next pony.

They also work great as on the biceps to keep the pony's arms pulled back.

The Medium & Large Hobbles can also be used as very effective Bicep Restraints.
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