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Wildfire's unique design has caught the eye of many ponies, and even had non ponies wanting a pair.

The genuine horse shoes on the bottom of the durable and water-proof, hand-made fiberglass hooves make a sound that will have all heads turning to see where the horse is and how did a horse get in 'here'??

Available in a variety of style and colors. If you want to take your pony-space to the next level, these are must-have addition to your stable.
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Wildfire Hooves: PALAMINO -- Version 3.5

Palamino style Hoof: Black w/ size # 3 painted lilac hoof
 Hooves made for ponies by a pony -- even while wearing them.

 2nd Generation of the original Wildfire Hoof.

 Improved Design: No pressure on the wearer's toes.

 Extremely comfortable for an 'extreme' boot.

 Boot upper available in Black or White.

 Wide choice of hoof color.

 Choice of 2 hoof sizes.

 Available in whole Women's US sizes from 5 - 14.

 Hoof color is impregnated -- Not just painted on.

Price: $930.00
Zip Up: REAR (+ $45.00)
Lace Up: REAR
Lace Up: FRONT

Lockable (+ $25.00)Non Locking
Boot Size: Women's US:

Boot Material:
Vinyl / PVC
Leather (+ $45.00)

Hoof Color:

Boot Color:
White (+ $10.00)
Brown: When available (+ $55.00)
Pink: When available (+ $55.00)
Red: When available (+ $55.00)

Hoof Size: See Specifications Below:

Payments: Balance Outstanding (- $619.50)
Full Payment

HorseShoe Type:
Steel Shoe
Rubber Shoe (+ $50.00)


People around the world are wearing Wildfire Hooves and are enjoying the quality and craftsmanship that go into each and every pair.

Please be aware that any high heel boot is demanding on the legs. It may take some time to build endurance in your legs for PROLONGED periods of standing in one place. The length of time that a person can stand, walk, and wear these hooves is dependent on many factors including the wearer's weight, physical condition, leg strength, etc: As with any extreme boot your experience will be unique to you.

Please be aware that the metal horse shoes may be slippery on some surfaces. A non-slip surface or rubber shipping boots may be used to increase footing.

Note: Build / ship times are approximate.  On occassion, shippig time will be longer than specified.

Availability: Usually ships within 90 - 135 days
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 11.5 lbs

Each Hoof is hand made, size and shape will vary depending on foot size, style and hoof size.

Each hoof of a pair maybe slightly different.
Horse Shoes
Size # 1: 4 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" long
This size is only available on Boots upto' size 9

Size # 3: 5 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" long
Thsi size may be used on all boots, however hoof may have the appearance of being too 'wide'
Need Hobbles or Extra Horse Shoes?

Don't see what you want: email us at ''
Design Center

PALAMINO Hooves: Black & Grey
Palamino Hoof: Black Leather -rear zipper- w/ Painted textured grey, size #3 hoof.
PALAMINO Hooves: Black & Grey - Rear View
Palamino Hooves: Black leather w/ painted textured grey, size 3 hoof

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