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Wildfire Bridle: BASIC
Price: $84.95

Lockable (4 buckles): Locking Buckle (+ $15.00); NON-Locking
BIT Attachment (4 buckles): YES - For Lockable bit (+ $15.00); YES - For NON-Lockable bit (+ $8.50); NO -- Separate Bit or No Bit
Blinders: YES - Removable Blinders (+ $25.00); YES - Permanent Blinders (+ $25.00); NO Blinders
Bit - Modular: Attaches to bridle: Small: 6" x 5/16" -- Black Leather covered dowel (+ $18.95); Medium: 6" x 3/8" -- Black Leather covered dowel (+ $18.95); Large: 6" x 1/2" -- Black Leather covered dowel (+ $18.95); No Bit
Bit: Separate - Can be used without Bridle: Locking Buckle (1) (+ $5.00); NON-Locking Buckle (1)
1" soft leather

4 buckles for the perfect fit

2 side 'D' rings for reins, cross-ties or what-ever

Available in lockable and non-locking styles

Bit Attachment buckles (optional

Availability: Usually Ships in 2 weeks
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Bridle can be lockable (lockable buckles).

Bit attachment buckles can be added to make the bridle a modular design. The bit can also be locked to the bridle preventing an unruly pony from removing it - even if they were allowed the use of their human hands).

It is adjustable for average size head and up. If you are not sure it will fit or have questions, or requests, please email: sales AT ponyplayranch DOT com and we will assist you.

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